Akoio Enterprises, a hearing wellness company, launched a new hearing aid battery dispenser designed to simplify the user experience for users of zinc air hearing aid batteries.

“We completely reimagined the everyday use of hearing aid batteries,” says Bill Schiffmiller, CEO of Akoio. “As a lifelong hearing aid user, I know firsthand the inconveniences posed by hearing aids. Akoio’s new, patented dispenser makes it simple and easy to manage hearing aid batteries – and to carry them everywhere you go!”

Akoio provides a better way to store, carry and change hearing aid batteries, including:

  • Putting hearing aid batteries in their place with secure storage for fresh batteries and a separate storage chamber for used batteries
  • Enhancing the battery user experience as the tab is automatically removed so users no longer have to struggle to grip tiny tabs or deal with discarding the sticky tab
  • Long lasting batteries because dispensers are packed with reliable, rust-proof batteries made in Germany by VARTA, the world leader in hearing aid battery technology

“We created the Akoio dispenser with a round, stylish look and a non-slip grip,” Schiffmiller added. “You simply turn it counter-clockwise until you feel a click. The battery emerges without the sticky tab because the dispenser automatically removes it. You can easily insert your old batteries into the slot on the back, keeping them away from kids and pets. It’s a remarkable device that makes the use of hearing aid batteries a rewarding experience rather than a frustrating one.”

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Akoio dispensers are now available in Size 312, with other sizes to come in the future. They are sold on Amazon in packs of 6 dispensers, each containing eigh batteries, for $32.99. 

Photo: Akoio