GN Hearing Australia, part of the GN Group—a global provider of intelligent hearing, audio, video, and gaming solutions—has been working with the Australian/Danish AI company H3D to deploy automated computer-aided design (CAD) into their production.

Thanks to the joint effort of GN Hearing Australia’s digital workflow, Asiga’s 3D printing capabilities, and H3D’s high-capacity automated CAD software, GN Hearing Australia has digitally transformed hearing aid ear molds.

“We saw early on the potential of partnering with leading Australian technology companies to create a first-of-its-kind technology workflow for companies the size of GN Hearing Australia”, says Stuart Reid, operations and quality Director of GN Hearing Australia. “As a company with a strong Danish heritage and a strong commitment to Australia, we were pleased to work with H3D who have similar DNA. The results of H3D’s AI technology have had a significant impact to us.”

Further reading: Interview with Laurel Christensen, PhD, Chief Audiology Officer at GN Hearing

Earlier this year, GN Hearing Australia won the tender to supply hearing aids to Hearing Australia, putting together an all-Australian technology package that uniquely offers both rapid turn-around times and new levels of consistency. 

“We have been excited to work with GN Hearing Australia and have been especially impressed with their change management to the latest technology,” says Iain Mcleod, CEO of H3D. “We know that GN Hearing Australia places the highest level of quality on their processes, and are pleased to have not just met but exceeded their expectations.”

Photo: Dreamstime