Nupur Technologies announces the launch of Earigator, a “minimally invasive cerumen management system to provide effective and safe wax removal system.”

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The Earigator was originally designed by an otolaryngologist, according to Nupur, to control for factors like temperature and pressure, with features that include illumination and magnification. The “self-contained irrigation unit heats water to body temperature to help avoid vertigo effects and gives the practitioner the ability to control pressure and flow within a safe limit.” When not in use, the company says, it is always on standby and does not require any preparation time for individual patients.

The company offers a 5-minute training video available on its website. The procedure itself takes about 15-20 seconds per ear, according to Nupur, and is “safe and pain free,” for patients.

To find a nearby location where the Earigator can be purchased, please click here. For more information, please visit the Nupur Technologies website here.

Source: Nupur Technologies

Images/Media: Nupur Technologies, YouTube