Absolute Audio Labs (AAL), a global provider of premium hearing enhancement running on generic Bluetooth audio chips, announced the launch of its third-generation PYOUR Audio platform as well as its collaboration with Renesas, global leader in connectivity semiconductor solutions.

PYOUR Audio Hearing

PYOUR Audio is an advanced hearing enhancement software suite that can run on generic Bluetooth chipsets. It provides superior audio, improved speech intelligibility, and wireless connectivity for (OTC) hearing aids and TWS earbuds. 

Improvements included with PYOUR Audio 3.0: 

  • virtually platform (chip) agnostic;
  • (RIC) Hearing Aids can be almost 25% smaller than before, in line with conventional premium RICs and strongly improved battery life;
  • a brand new fitting engine for music, expanding AAL’s lead position on music quality for (RIC) hearing Aids;
  • Strong performance improvements on AAL’s proprietary and patented core algorithms: Advanced noise suppression, its unique iWDRC (Instant Wide Dynamic Range Compression) and its AI based feedback management system.

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Renesas Collaboration 

AAL also announced a collaboration with semiconductor manufacturer Renesas. Renesas have selected AAL’s PYOUR Audio new 3.0 hearing suite as the solution for hearing enhancement supported on a new family of connectivity products

The collaboration intends to deliver improved assistive hearing performance to a broad range of products from (OTC) hearing aids, TWS earbuds to unified communication headsets where it can enhance hearing in noisy environments.

Absolute Audio Labs is selected as part of the Netherlands Scaleup and Startup pavilion at Eureka Park, Venetian Expo at CES. PYOUR Audio Hearing 3.0 is being developed with support from the regional “Kansen voor West” program and co-funded by the European Union, according to the company.

Photo: Absolute Audio Labs