Veterans Guide is offering a helpful guide for military veterans on hearing loss and tinnitus, common issues for many post-service.

The veteran’s health advocacy group Veterans Guide has created a guide to help veterans experiencing hearing loss.

The group’s mission is to assist veterans with the array of issues they may face, including obtaining proper disability compensation, financial assistance, information on the GI bill, and more.

The group has created some helpful guides and will continuously be adding more.

Hearing loss and tinnitus are among the most common conditions veterans face after service. The guide is available here.

The guide features an overview of hearing loss and tinnitus, explaining possible causes and ways to tell the issues apart. It also explains the available treatment options and how veterans can obtain coverage for their conditions.

Veterans Guide feels it is important to provide resources and help for veterans and their families. The group wants to ensure vets have the necessary resources to help them struggle with health issues, like hearing loss, as little as possible.

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