Summary: Starkey’s Chief Marketing Officer Karen Spaeth has been recognized for her leadership and contributions to marketing, particularly in driving the success of Starkey’s Genesis AI product.


  1. Karen Spaeth’s marketing strategies have significantly advanced Starkey’s position in the hearing technology industry, particularly with the successful launch of Genesis AI.
  2. Spaeth is actively involved in community service, serving on the boards of Spare Key and the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce, and volunteering with The Bond Between.
  3. Spaeth leads a predominantly female team at Starkey and is a member of Chief, a network dedicated to empowering women leaders.

Starkey announced that Chief Marketing Officer Karen Spaeth has been recognized with a Notable CMO Award by Twin Cities Business. This accolade recorgnized Spaeth’s leadership and contributions to the marketing field, highlighting her role in driving Starkey’s success as the world’s premier hearing technology company, the company says.

Starkey’s Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO, Spaeth leads Starkey’s global marketing team, overseeing product launches, strategic brand management, and customer engagement. She has been instrumental in positioning Starkey at the forefront of the hearing technology industry, especially as the digital patient era unfolds, according to Starkey.

“Karen’s innovative approach to marketing has been a game-changer for Starkey,” says Brandon Sawalich, president and CEO at Starkey. “Her leadership in launching Genesis AI and her strategic vision have not only positioned Starkey as a leader in the hearing technology industry but have also significantly enhanced our brand’s reach and impact. Her dedication and passion for marketing excellence are truly deserving of the Notable CMO Award.”

Spaeth assumed her role as CMO just months before Starkey’s largest-ever product launch. In February 2023, Starkey introduced the groundbreaking Genesis AI, which has quickly become the company’s best-selling product. The success of Genesis AI, with patients requesting it by name more frequently than any previous Starkey device, underscores the effectiveness of the B2B and B2C marketing campaigns she spearheaded.

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Spaeth is also committed to giving back to the community. Since 2021, she has served on the executive committee and board of directors for Spare Key, where she led initiatives to collect over 200 donations during the 2023 holiday season. She has been a member of the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors since 2022 and joined Chief, a private network aimed at empowering women leaders, the same year. Notably, Spaeth leads a predominantly female team at Starkey. An avid animal lover, Spaeth has volunteered with The Bond Between for five years, fostering 35 animals to date.

Featured image: Starkey Chief Marketing Officer Karen Spaeth. Photo: Starkey