Summary: Brandon Sawalich, president and CEO of Starkey, celebrated 30 years at the company, marking significant contributions to the advancement of global hearing health and the integration of new hearing aid technologies.


  1. Innovative Leadership: Throughout his tenure, Sawalich has played a pivotal role in pioneering the use of integrated sensors, artificial intelligence, and health and wellness features in hearing aids, positioning Starkey as a leader in the hearing health industry.
  2. Commitment to Customer Service: Sawalich’s focus on delivering exceptional customer service and his deep understanding of the industry’s needs have earned him recognition, including being named Executive of the Year in the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Awards.
  3. Industry and Community Engagement: Beyond his executive role, Sawalich is actively involved in various leadership and community roles, including serving on the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Executive Advisory Council and supporting organizations like the Special Olympics Minnesota.

Starkey President and CEO Brandon Sawalich recently celebrated his 30-year milestone in the hearing industry, marking three decades with the company. During this time, Sawalich has significantly contributed to advancing global hearing health and enhancing the quality of life for countless individuals, in addition helping to reduce hearing aid stigma, according to the company.

“Describing my 30-year career at Starkey as ‘rewarding’ would be an understatement. Witnessing firsthand the impact of our innovations on people’s lives fuels my passion every day, which is something I have modeled after Bill Austin’s dedication and career of caring,” says Sawalich. “The future of the hearing industry is incredibly promising, and I am dedicated to leading with innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the patients they serve. By integrating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and health and wellness features into our hearing solutions, we are not just improving hearing but also enhancing overall quality of life.”

Hearing Industry Veteran

Sawalich held 10 positions at Starkey before his appointment to president and CEO. His extensive experience across various roles has given him a comprehensive understanding of the industry, enabling him to propel Starkey as a leader in hearing innovation and technology. Under his leadership, Starkey pioneered the incorporation of integrated sensors in hearing aids and was the first to utilize artificial intelligence and health and wellness technology in hearing health products. Sawalich remains committed to bringing cutting-edge products and solutions to market.

Throughout his career, Sawalich has focused on delivering the best customer service in the industry. He understands that customized service, professional evaluation, and state-of-the-art technology must seamlessly come together to serve each unique customer effectively. This dedication to customer service earned him the honor of Executive of the Year in the 2023 Excellence in Customer Service Awards, presented by the Business Intelligence Group, Starkey.

In 2019, Sawalich was named to the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Executive Advisory Council, and in 2020, he joined Medical Alley’s Board of Directors. He is also a longtime supporter of Special Olympics Minnesota and was elected to the organization’s Board of Directors in 2014 and again in 2024.

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To celebrate his anniversary, Brandon sat down with Dave Fabry, Starkey’s Chief Hearing Health Officer, for a special episode of Starkey Sound Bites to answer 30 questions. The episode featuring Sawalich is now available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Listen here or watch the video version here.

Photo: Starkey