Howard Leight, San Diego, introduces HearForever, an initiative aimed to raise awareness of the dangers, risks, and consequences of noise-induced hearing loss at work and at home.

HearForever personalizes the hearing conservation experience through a series of new advertisements and a special microsite.

"Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the world’s most permanent and preventable occupational diseases," said Renee S. Bessette, COHC, marketing manager for Howard Leight LLC, in a statement released by the company. "The goal of HearForever is to spark fresh consciousness and immediate action about NIHL among people from all walks of life.

The ad series addresses the connections between human interactions and hearing loss through thought-provoking images that question, and aim to inspire and empower people to make healthy hearing decisions as part of everyday life.

"The founding of the HearForever initiative—along with the considerable resources and investment dedicated to it and related outreach efforts—represents Howard Leight’s 30-year commitment to preventing occupational hearing loss by introducing innovative new hearing protection technology and products and promoting progressive Hearing Conservation Programs," she said.

The Web site provides information on the latest advances, research, and discoveries of noise-induced hearing loss detection and prevention, says the company. It is a source for educational, informative, and motivational materials to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss both on and off the job.

Using a "Learn, Educate, Connect" approach, the site is focused on hearing conservation for everyone exposed to hazardous noise. Facts, statistics, case studies, regulations, news updates, and tools focused on hearing conservation can be found in the "Learn" section. The "Educate" section provides participants with tools for outlining a detailed hearing conservation program. The "Connect" section helps to empower users to interact with HearForever and take action through blogs and "What Can I Do" activities.

In the statement, Bessette said that, over the years, thousands of people worldwide have shared personal stories, questions, and comments about hearing loss. "We aim to connect those involved with hearing conservation and hearing loss-prevention activities, to share their challenges and success stories, and ultimately inspire others," she said.

She noted that the HearForever initiative is especially timely given the proposed EPA rule change affecting the Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) for hearing protection products, testing, and usage. "These impending changes will create many questions among users and purchasers of hearing products … the HearForever microsite will be an extensive educational portal that will answer these questions," she said.

Additional HearForever actions include hearing conservation seminar tours in the United States in September and October. The seminar will include the distribution of materials such as free motivational posters, educational tools, and other outreach activities. Click here for more information on these activities.

[Source: Howard Leight]