The new line of home phones from Doro, Lund, Sweden, are designed to empower seniors, following years of research. 

Jerome Arnaud, the company’s CEO, said in a statement released by the company that Doro engaged in years of research with medical professionals and consumers with impairments from the natural aging process to design specialized products that adapt to their lifestyles.

“In the US, nearly 90% of seniors experience some combination of hearing loss, vision loss, memory loss, and diminished dexterity as part of the natural aging process,” he said. “Still, seniors want to continue using the same technologies that are simply part of their lives.”

Doro collaborated with the  award-winning design agency Ergonomidesign and Maria Benktzon, an ergonomics professor.  

The Doro MemoryPlus 319ph and HearPlus 317 home phone designs feature large concave buttons with high contrast numbers, user-friendly interface with four photo memory speed dial buttons, amplification up to 53 DB for the HearPlus 317 and up to 30 DB for the MemoryPlus 319ph, hearing aid compatibe (HAC) circuitry, and a lightweight handset design, says the company.

Doro’s complete line of mobile and corded phones and other technologies are available in the United States through Harris Communications and Independent Living Aids.

[Source: Doro]