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Patient-centric Follow-up: The Key Differentiator in Hearing Healthcare

As patient-centric care gains steam in both general medicine and hearing health—while being juxtaposed by new OTC and DIY hearing solutions—a renewed focus on follow-up services is crucial. This special report looks at follow-up AR protocols and perspectives, and includes perspectives from Nancy Tye-Murray, Brian Taylor, Cherilee Rutherford, Ron Leavitt, Susanna Løve, Dave Blanchard, and more.

Affirmative Clinical Practice with LGBTQ Patients: Creating a Welcoming and Comfortable Experience for All

Surveys suggest that 4.5% of American adults, and an even greater percentage of American youth, openly identify as LGBTQ. About one-sixth of LGBTQ adults say they have experienced healthcare discrimination. Unacknowledged implicit bias has detrimental impacts in our interactions in the clinic and the larger venues of our lives, even when we believe ourselves to be nondiscriminatory. Here are some ideas and guidelines for making your practice more welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

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New Paper Explores Audiologists’ Evolving Role As a ‘Hearing Loss Mitigation Counselor’

A new paper from a group of private-practice audiologists explores how the future of hearing healthcare depends upon recognizing and serving patients from a whole-person perspective—moving away from the narrow view of addressing hearing loss through amplification only, to becoming “hearing loss mitigation counselors” and treating the needs of the individual.

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