Plural Publishing announced Hearing Science Fundamentals, Second Edition, a book that “maintains the straightforward style of the previous edition, introducing the basic concepts in hearing science in an easy-to-understand format.” According to Plural, there are a wide variety of student-friendly features and instructor resources, with the comprehensive textbook facilitating the absorption of technical material by both undergraduate and graduate students.

The text is divided into four clear sections to cover everything from the physics of sound to the anatomy and physiology of the auditory pathway and beyond. The textbook begins by delving into the basics of acoustics and digital signal processing (DSP). In the next section, readers will find full coverage of the basic anatomy and physiology of the auditory mechanism. The third section contains eight chapters on psychoacoustics and how sound is perceived via the auditory pathways. The book wraps up with a brand-new section devoted to pathologies of the auditory mechanisms.

New to the Second Edition

  • New coauthor, Jeremy J. Donai, AuD, PhD, brings his clinical and research experience to the concepts discussed,
  • Nine new chapters, including:
    • Review of Speech Acoustics (Chapter 2)
    • Digital Signal Processing (Chapter 3)
    • Binaural Processing (Chapter 8)
    • Temporal Processing (Chapter 10)
    • Signal Detection Theory (Chapter 13)
    • Auditory Perception and Hearing Impairment (Chapter 14)
    • Separate and expanded chapters for Pathologies of the Auditory Mechanism (Chapter 9) from first edition.
      • Pathologies of the Conductive Auditory Mechanism (Chapter 15)
      • Pathologies of the Sensory Auditory Mechanism (Chapter 16)
      • Pathologies of the Central Auditory Mechanism (Chapter 17)
  • Clinical Notes and Vocabulary Checks features have been added through the text,
  • Evidence-based information incorporated throughout the text,
  • Updated Recommended Readings list,
  • Ancillary materials accessible on a PluralPlus companion website: a sample syllabus, test bank, and PowerPoint lecture slides for instructors, as well as practice quizzes, anatomy-labeling exercises, audio examples, and overview lecture videos for students.

Key Features

  • Learning Objectives and Key Terms at the beginning of each chapter prepare the student for the chapter contents,
  • Two-color anatomical and line illustrations aid understanding of important technical concepts,
  • Q & A boxes reinforce important information presented in the text,
  • Glossary of important terms.

Book Details

Title: Hearing Science Fundamentals | Author: Norman J. Lass & Jeremy J. Donai | Published: 11/12/2021 | ISBN: 978-1-63550-328-9 |

About The Authors

Norman J. Lass, PhD, is Professor Emeritus at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. Dr Lass was a faculty member for more than 40 years and taught courses in speech and hearing science throughout his time at West Virginia University. 

Jeremy J. Donai, AuD, PhD, is an associate professor and audiology program director at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC).  Dr Donai also serves as the Director of the Auditory Perception Lab at TTUHSC.  Over his career, Dr Donai has had significant clinical, teaching, and research experience at multiple universities.  His research involves the study of high-frequency speech energy.

Source: Plural Publishing

Image: Plural Publishing