Although support staff at the front desk are the first point of contact in the audiology clinic, they rarely receive formal training in Person-Centered Care (PCC). To address this gap, the Ida Institute announced it has launched a new tailored online course, to specifically help support staff integrate PCC in their everyday work, enhance patient interaction, and improve the overall patient experience.

The new course, “Getting Started with Person-Centered Care for Support Staff,”  was developed in collaboration with Greta Stamper, AuD, PhD, and assistant director of audiology at the Mayo Clinic.

“As audiologists, we occasionally underestimate the importance of support staff on the patient journey. This is critical as they offer the first and last impression as people enter and leave the clinic,” says Stamper. “Most support staff training focuses on the technical aspects of the workload and the personal interaction skills are not formally taught. They often pick it up on the job, which can lead to occasional breakdowns in care, when forgotten. By involving everyone in PCC, the patient journey is much more comprehensive and complete.”

Lise Lotte Bundesen, managing director of the Ida Institute, said “We are pleased to collaborate with Greta Stamper on this new course that raises awareness around an aspect of the patient journey that has not previously received much attention. The course fills a gap in the field and marks a significant advancement in the implementation of a holistic PCC approach.”

“Getting Started with Person-Centered Care for Support Staff” is intended for anyone in a support role, from front desk staff members and audiology assistants or technicians, to individuals handling insurance or billing—and anyone else who might interact with individuals in hearing healthcare. The course provides an overall introduction to PCC, looks at the different elements and key benefits, and dives into the aspects that are particularly relevant to support staff. The course is “intuitive, bite-sized, and can be taken on the go,” according to the Institute.

“Getting Started with Person-Centered Care for Support Staff” is now available free of charge in the Ida Learning Hall (login required). Support staff who complete the course are eligible to join the Inspired by Ida program.

Source: Ida Institute

Image: Ida Institute