Revolutionize Vestibular Testing GN Otometrics, in collaboration with Canada-based distributors, DB Special Instruments and Genie Audio, have announced that the Revolutionize Vestibular Testing course is now open for registration. The course will be held in Mississauga, Ontario on May 27-28, 2016.

This two-day course has been approved by the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) to offer 14 Tier 1 certification hours, or 1.4 continuing education units (CEUs).

“Clinicians who are American Board of Audiology certified need to complete 15 hours of Tier 1 credits every 3 years,” said Kathleen Hill, AuD, audiology education manager at GN Otometrics. “I am proud to announce that our two-day VNG/ENG Course has been approved by the Academy to assist in meeting these requirements.”

Facilitated by Drs Kamran Barin, Kristen Janky, and Brad Hubbard, this course is intended to provide practical information necessary to make the VNG/ENG test, video head impulse testing (vHIT), vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMP) test, and electrocochleography (EcoG) an effective part of the diagnostic process. It begins at a basic level and proceeds systematically through more challenging topics as each step in the administration of the tests are discussed in detail. The course takes a closer look at instructions to the patient, effect of medications on the test results, and identifying and recording disconjugate eye movements. For each part of the test, tracings and video clips of both normal and abnormal findings are discussed. Simple rules and procedures are described to distinguish valid results from artifacts and to avoid common errors.

The course facilitators will also will discuss how incorporating the vHIT, EcoG, and VEMP in the vestibular test battery has the potential for full and independent assessment of all of the structures in the peripheral vestibular system. Participants will learn how cervical and ocular VEMPs, EcoG, and vHIT can identify lesions in the three semicircular canals, utricle, saccule, and two branches of the vestibular nerve in each ear. The participants will also have the opportunity to experience vHIT first hand.

GN Otometrics offers a series of training opportunities designed to help clinicians and hearing care professionals maximize the use of hearing and balance instrumentation. To view Details for this course and others, visit the Audiology Systems website.

Source: GN Otometrics; Audiology Systems