One in six of the UK population is hearing-impaired. Hearing amid and managing noise is a significant problem for many trying to discern what the relevant sound is. Trying to hear can be tiring. But while reducing noise decreases fatigue, without the proper support or technology, some hearing aid users withdraw from social situations or suffer from emotional distress. Research also shows that it can increase the risk of loneliness, particularly if socializing is impacted. However, Conversor—an assistive listening device company—is working towards changing this.

While modern hearing aid technology allows users to choose among settings and filters to distinguish the source of sound and quieten distractions, Conversor’s ALDs can take hearing aids “to the next level,” according to the company. 

Noisy dinner table? A chaotic film night with the kids? Overbearing conference call? Conversor HD—equipped with a noise-canceling remote microphone—can help isolate the key dialogue. Designed to increase the effectiveness of hearing aids and cochlear implants, it can make a difference in alleviating “the daily grind of hearing-impaired patients, making hearing, easier.” Paired with its companion SCRIPT, the hearing impaired can “tune in to the audios that matter—allowing them to listen with sounds and words.”

And with 20% off until the end of May with the code MAY20, there’s never been a better time for those suffering with hearing loss to “take the next step in their hearing journey.”

Source: Conversor

Image: Conversor