Action on Hearing Loss announced that as of May 1, 2020, it will no longer sells assistive products.

Why are we closing our shop?

In December 2019, the Charity decided its future strategy and the areas that it planned to focus on in future. It intended to concentrate its resources on doing fewer things better, with the aim of having a bigger impact on a larger number of people. As a result, the organization decided that as there were other organizations selling products, the Charity’s most appropriate contribution in this important area of activity should be to provide impartial advice about the best products available to support people with deafness, hearing loss, or tinnitus.

This has been a really difficult decision, which the organization reports it has not taken lightly. Action on Hearing Loss understands that assistive products can make a huge difference to people, which is why it will be continuing to offer advice and information to all its beneficiaries about the different products on the market, and where to buy them. This will in due course be available on its website, social channels and through its Information Line.

Its accessibility solutions from Louder than Words, including its hearing loop maintenance and installation business will continue, as will its interpreter and other communication support services. Training and consultancy services will also remain available for employers, their staff, and customers.

Action on Hearing Loss is very grateful that you have previously chosen to buy items from the Charity and hope that you will continue to support it in other ways.

What about warranties, returns, and repairs?

If you bought something from Action on Hearing Loss prior to the closure, the product may be subject to either its 28-day returns guarantee or its one-year warranty. In either case the organization will continue to fulfill its obligations, as detailed in the terms and conditions relating to the sale of items to you, irrespective of the fact that it will no longer be selling products. Please contact the manufacturer directly if you experience difficulties with your product outside of the one-year warranty. Read our full returns policy here.

At the moment, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Action on Hearing Loss is unfortunately unable to accept any returned items. Action on Hearing Loss will update this page as soon as it has any further developments.

Where can I purchase assistive hearing products in future?

We recommend the following suppliers who have a broad range of assistive hearing products:

For all Bellman & Symfon products:

For Geemarc products:

For all other products – Sarabec:

Source: Action on Hearing Loss