Listen Technologies Corporation, a developer of advanced wireless listening solutions, and Ampetronic, a provider of audio induction loop systems, are developing a complete-installed assistive listening system utilizing Auracast broadcast audio technology. 

The companies say this will be the first new product Listen Technologies and Ampetronic bring to market together since announcing their partnership.

Auracast is a new standard for Bluetooth Low Energy audio. It can broadcast audio to unlimited numbers of receivers and hearing aids simultaneously without always needing to pair to a transmitter first. This enables the use of Bluetooth as a wide-area assistive listening technology. Auracast is expected to be available in many new hearing aids, earbuds, and headphones in the future.

Ampetronic and Listen Technologies are Auracast collaboration partners in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), contributing to standards development and interoperability testing. Ampetronic and Listen Technologies have also collaborated with leading hearing aid manufacturers, microphone manufacturers, and audio infrastructure companies to deliver a robust and reliable technology platform for installation in public environments.

The new solution includes networked installation transmitters for multi-channel broadcast for any size space, with the option for open or secure transmission, the companies say. The solution also will include dedicated receivers and charging bases. Most venues will use the dedicated receivers so end users without Auracast-certified devices can access the audio and fulfill local accessibility requirements. A complete line of accessories will also be available, including headphones, neck loops, and network management and configuration software.

Auracast helps overcome the challenges of traditional assistive listening systems and increases access to clear audio for anyone with Auracast-enabled earbuds or hearing aids, the companies says.

Auracast-Based Assistive Listening

The new platform aims to transform the way hearing assistance is delivered in public spaces. Increasingly, Auracast will be built into many hearing aids, smartphones, earbuds, and headphones, enabling these devices to receive an Auracast broadcast stream. 

End users will choose how they want to listen to audio for a personalized experience, selecting announcement channels or language channels, like they would make a classic Bluetooth connection. That means the assistive listening system will be available to anyone with their own device, providing much broader inclusion. In the future, an end user with an Auracast certified device will be able to select an audio stream without needing a special app installed or needing to borrow a receiving device.

Listen Technologies’ and Ampetronic’s new platform seeks to allow venues to adopt the technology rather than wait for these devices to become widely available. 

The platform will include dedicated receivers that can receive open and private broadcasts from multi-channel transmitters.

The new platform will be optimized for reliability and performance and designed to be installed in any environment, from classrooms to stadiums, airport terminals to attractions. Transmitters can be managed remotely over a network, making it simple to provide whole-venue audio solutions.

“I am excited to announce our latest innovation in partnership with Ampetronic, a groundbreaking assistive listening system powered by Auracast broadcast audio technology,” says Tracy Bathurst, chief technology officer, Listen Technologies. “This cutting-edge system represents a significant leap in audio accessibility, allowing seamless transmission of clear audio to multiple receivers and hearing aids simultaneously. With this new solution we’re not just enhancing sound quality, we’re transforming the listening experience.”

Photo: Dreamstime