Williams Sound, Eden Prairie, Minn, continues to expand its global footprint in the European market through Humantechnik—a European distribution partner serving Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, and the Netherlands—with commercial sound systems and assistive-listening devices. 

Humantechnik provides Williams Sound with strategic relationships in an established network of systems integrators—delivering the high-quality FM, large area infrared, loop, and assistive devices for solutions in the tour, language, interpretation, and hearing accessibility markets. The line of products supports house of worship, stadiums, interpretation conferences, education, cinema, and accessibility applications.

“Williams Sound and Humantechnik have been working cooperatively together for a number of years, offering complementary products and distribution, plus a shared commitment to excellent customer service,"  By strengthening this partnership, we have created growth opportunities for both companies and now offer customers the most comprehensive line of assistive listening and alerting products available,”

Humantechnik has a 25-plus year track record in the hearing assistance market. The company’s offices are located in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria. 

[Source: Williams Sound]