USound, a provider of MEMS-technology-based audio solutions for hearables and wearables, announced the launch of the newest ASIC linear audio amplifier, Tarvos 1.0 UC-P3010, designed to drive USound MEMS speakers. 

The USound Tarvos 1.0 ASIC linear audio amplifier can drive USound MEMS speakers in the frequency range of up to 40kHz, reaching the lowest noise, lowest harmonic distortion, and high rejection of external noise. The ASIC linear audio amplifier features “ultra-low power consumption and high efficiency delivering superior performance and extending the battery life of personal devices.”

USound MEMS speakers are reportedly “the thinnest and lightest speakers available in the market, with outstanding audio performance.” Combined with Tarvos 1.0 UC-P3010, USound MEMS speakers take up “50% less space, use 80% less energy, and provides a wider audio frequency range compared to voice coil-based audio solutions. These features make USound MEMS speakers the must-have microspeaker to design the most advanced audio systems, including true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds, hearing aids, and AR/VR glasses.”

This linear audio amplifier is compatible with all available USound MEMS speakers. Additionally, the analog audio input of the amplifier is compatible with the analog outputs of the latest Bluetooth solutions, according to the company’s announcement.

“USound MEMS speakers are designed to reduce system costs, to facilitate the manufacturing process, and to improve the reliability of hearables and wearables. With this new ASIC audio amplifier, we can design ultra-compact audio modules, including MEMS tweeter, woofers, and amplifiers can be produced, taking modularization to the next level,” said Andrea Rusconi Clerici, CTO and Co-founder of USound. 

The USound’s ASIC amplifier Tarvos 1.0 UC-P3010 is currently being sampled to key customers and will be in mass production in 2023.

Source: USound

Images: USound