Healthcare Technologies and Methods, LLC (HTM) announced that it has been recognized for its Maudey hearing aid education and communication system in the third annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards.  Maudey won this award in the “Remote Care” category. 

With the emergence of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids this month, the Maudey offers a “very timely and essential tool that enables hearing care providers and distributors to deliver more cost-effective education and support for hearing aid users.”

The development and clinical testing of Maudey has been supported by $4 million in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants from the National Institute on Aging (NIA), one of the 27 institutes and centers in NIH. Maudey’s innovations that “empower consumers, benefit their providers, and distinguish it from other tele-audiology technologies” are said to be protected by a US patent and additional pending US and International patents. Maudey is offered to consumers through their hearing aid providers. More information about Maudey is available at:

“HTM’s talented and experienced interdisciplinary team has applied their skills in audiology, ‘usability for the aging,’ and health literacy to develop a system that is extremely easy for all consumers to use – including older adults and others who are not technology savvy,“  said HTM’s co-founder, President and CEO, Alan Letzt.  “As we enter the new era of OTC hearing aids joining prescription-based hearing aids as consumer options, Maudey’s ability to streamline the education and support processes will provide a foundation for continued provider effectiveness and profitability. Also, Maudey will simplify and accelerate consumers’ hearing aid use, maintenance, and adaptation.”

Through its annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards program, Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) recognizes technological innovations and achievements in the hearing industry. This year’s awards program attracted dozens of submissions of innovative technologies from companies across the globe in eight categories.

“The goal of the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards is to recognize the organizations and people who bring new hearing care ideas to life,” said the 2022 Awards Program Chair, Jerry DeRosa. “Technologies being developed by companies like HTM are helping drive innovation forward across the industry.”   

Source: HTM

Images: HTM, Maudey