Starkey announced it is continuing its “longstanding commitment to the future of the hearing healthcare industry” by hosting a series of exclusive educational events for students of audiology. This month, Starkey Chief Audiology Officer Dr Sara Burdak and  Dr Gyl Kasewurm kicked off the series with an interactive virtual workshop, called “Maintaining the Joy in the Journey.”

Sara Burdak, AuD

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“One of the greatest joys in my journey in the hearing healthcare industry is connecting with audiology students,” said Burdak. “At a time when the hearing industry is transforming before our very eyes, I’m excited for this opportunity to engage with professionals who are just about to begin their careers. I often find I learn just as much from students, as they may learn from me. I consider it to be a privilege to share this journey together.”

Gyl Kasewurm, AuD
Gyl Kasewurm, AuD

An expert in practice management, Kasewurm presented innovative tips to help new professionals stand out and grow their careers. Future sessions will explore both hard and soft skills that are important for success in the hearing healthcare industry, including critical thinking and resiliency.

For information on dates and registration, please contact: [email protected]

Source: Starkey