In an article recently published on the Forbes website, Starkey CEO Brandon Sawalich discusses the three guiding principles he follows with regard to the hearing care industry and the company’s dedication to providing people with better hearing.

Sawalich, who recently wrote an open letter to President Biden in support of his Executive Order “requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to publish for notice and comment a proposed rule on over-the­ counter hearing aids,” expounds on this thought in the the Forbes article by noting that the expected FDA regulations for hearing aids will help educate customers on the differences between OTC devices for mild-to-moderate hearing loss and hearing aids professionally fit by an audiologist.

Further, says Sawalich, simply focusing on the cost of hearing aids as a barrier to treatment misses another critical point: research shows that many may forgo hearing aids due to embarrassment or feeling that they are “too young” to have a hearing problem. Others may not be aware of the link between untreated hearing loss and health issues like cognitive decline or dementia.

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Source: Forbes