Practice Management | February 2021 Hearing Review

Managed care is bureaucratic. It’s slow. Its reimbursement can be low. And it’s not going away.

Managed care is substantially growing in depth and breadth every year. Telehealth, OTC, the current pandemic, and other factors significantly impact the modern hearing care office in tandem with managed care. Therefore, as we evaluate, select and participate in managed care, we must seek and select the opportunities which best meet the goals and needs of the modern hearing care office.  As such, we suggest an annual review of all managed care contracts to assure each contract is appropriate for your current practice requirements. Further, it is of significant importance to assure that each contract provides or allows acceptably reimbursed services and products, to facilitate a Best Practice-based professional experience to be realized by the patient.

By Douglas L. Beck, AuD, Edward Braun, and Debra Abel, AuD

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