Dan Quall

Dan Quall, Fuel Medical Group

What is the lowest priced hearing aid you can afford to offer in your practice and still retain financial stability? How do you go about establishing an “adopt-a-patient” service charge for those people coming to your office from another practice, a Big Box store, the Internet, or elsewhere who have already purchased a product?

In this 31-minute webinar—courtesy of CareCredit—Dan Quall, MS, takes you through the basic steps of establishing a “cost-plus” model for the pricing of lower-cost products and services. The webinar will allow you to:

  • Figure out when and how to offer a low-cost option;
  • Appreciate and calculate the key clinical revenue metric: revenue per clinical hour;
  • Understand a “cost-plus” pricing model based on an unbundling scenario, and
  • See that there is more value to this pricing model than just gross profit—or the “3 Rs” of a satisfied customer.

With “affordability and accessibility” being the new buzzwords of the hearing industry, this is a “must-see” webinar that provides great practical advice about offering low-cost hearing care options—without threatening the solvency of your business or giving away your valuable services.

The half-hour webinar is free of charge and aired at 2PM EST (1PM CST, 11 AM PST) on Thursday, March 24. This webinar is now available on demand. To view it, click here.