The new website is designed to offer turnkey solutions as the hearing care field enters recovery phase of economic downturn.

Starkey Hearing Technologies, Eden Prairie, Minn, announces the release of new comprehensive resource for hearing healthcare professionals as the industry begins a recovery phase, following the economic downturn related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As offices are reopening across the country and understanding that careful safety measures must continue to be observed, Starkey has created a one-stop resource to help hearing providers meet the needs of their patients and grow their businesses in this “new normal.”

Brandon Sawalich

“At Starkey, we are passionately committed to serving our customers better than anyone else,” said Starkey President Brandon Sawalich in a press release. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, our teams, from sales and marketing to human resources, have made it a priority to share our depth of knowledge with our customers, to help them navigate this crisis. We created a website specific to navigating COVID-19. Thousands of professionals have learned new skills, including how to leverage our telehealth technologyHearing Care Anywhere, through virtual trainings. Today, we are proud to offer yet another resource, as we begin the next phase of this journey.”

The new website, accessible through the Starkey Professional site, includes the 2020 Blueprint for Growth, which is a step-by-step guide to help hearing care professionals assess and evolve their practice. The website also is said to offer a robust library of resources aimed at enabling their recovery, including insights on new services to implement into their practice to best serve their patients and other drivers for business success.  

“We are offering telehealth through Hearing Care Anywhere and are putting it into our regular routine and schedule,” said Sheryl Figliano, AuD. “It cuts down office foot traffic and creates some great practice efficiencies. Best of all, we have found that our patients love it! They are so happy to connect with you in a virtual meeting, it’s convenient and they see our practice as providing them with modern, state-of-the-art care.”

The new website is available to Starkey customers. For more information and access, please contact [email protected].