The Musicians’ Clinics of Canada announced the reintroduction of its new and updated website at: is a resource for those seeking information on a variety of topics related to hearing for musicians. The website offers a series of commonly asked questions (FAQs) and answers about hearing loss prevention; musicians’ fact sheets for guitarists, bass players, violinists, woodwind players, and school band teachers (in English and in French); articles on a variety of hearing-related topics specific to musicians, and audio simulations (under the “Publications” heading) demonstrating what hearing aids can and cannot do when music is being listened to, rather than just speech. Additionally, there are Q&A videos featuring two members of the Musicians’ Clinics’ team—Dr Marshall Chasin, AuD, MSc, Reg. CASLPO, Doctor of Audiology, and Dr John Chong, MD, BaSc, MSc, DOHS, FRCPC, FACPM, ABIME, ARCT, in collaboration with the Performing Arts Medicine Association, of which Dr Chong is a founding member and past president. Both Drs Chasin and Chong draw from their years of experience as practitioners that treat musicians to answer questions related to severity and prevention of hearing loss, among other topics.

The mission statement of the Musicians’ Clinics of Canada is “Keeping musicians healthy” and the website is one element of a larger endeavor, according to its founders. Hearing loss prevention is the cornerstone of any active program within the domain of hearing health care.

Visit for more information or contact them directly at: [email protected].

Source: The Musicians’ Clinics of Canada

Image: The Musicians’ Clinics of Canada