Phonak, a global innovator for hearing instruments and wireless communication solutions, announced the launch of a newly accredited eLearning program on Family-Centered Care (FCC) for hearing care professionals. FCC is an approach to hearing healthcare that recognizes the vital role the family plays in the treatment process. It considers both the clients and their family members as partners throughout the audiological journey. The training will first be made available exclusively to Phonak loyalty program customers* such as Inner Circle members in the US.

To facilitate FCC implementation into clinical practice, Phonak, together with leading experts in the field, developed a series of accredited eLearning modules. Goals of the program are to increase the confidence of hearing care professionals in their ability to implement FCC in their daily practice, as well as to raise awareness of the many benefits of FCC. For example, research has shown that having a family member in the room results in improved consumer satisfaction and significant increase in adoption rate.1

All you want to know about FCC in one place

In six online units, participants will be introduced to persons to illustrate examples of clinical interactions and then develop skills through a variety of interactive exercises.

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Each unit will take 10-15 minutes to complete, followed by time spent in clinic and on reflecting on learning. Hearing care professionals will be encouraged to work with a peer for practice and feedback, and there are pre- and post-self-assessments to determine the extent to which learning goals have been met.

Throughout the course, Phonak Family-Centered Care Expert Circle members offer their wisdom and experience. These include Louise Hickson, professor of audiology at the University of Queensland; Joseph Montano, professor of audiology at Weill Cornell Medical College; and Kris English, professor of audiology at the University of Akron, Ohio.

“We at Phonak truly believe in FCC and the win-win situation for everyone involved,” said Ora Buerkli, vice president, global audiology at Phonak Headquarters. “This new, exciting training program not only provides eligible hearing care professionals with easy access to expert knowledge at their own convenience, but at the same time, also provides accreditation by local governing bodies.”

A dedicated eLearning module for front office staff will also be offered to increase understanding of their important role as the gateway for clients to clinicians.

To give hearing care professionals a taste of the learning program, Phonak has developed an open- for-all trailer module accessible through this link: Additionally, The Hearing Review has published several articles related to Family-Centered Care in its recent “Mythbusters” series of articles.

*Loyalty programs vary by country. Local Phonak clinical trainers can verify eligibility requirements and participation status.

1. Singh G, Launer S. Social context and hearing aid adoption. Trends in Hearing. 2016;20.  doi: 10.1177/2331216516673833

Source: Phonak, Trends in Hearing 

Images: Phonak