Hearing implant maker Sophono Inc has named Richard (Rick) Giancola as its new vice president of SOPHONO-RICK-GIANCOLA global sales and marketing.

Sophono specializes in implantable, bone conduction hearing devices and recently introduced its second-generation Alpha 2 hearing device for individuals suffering from severe to profound hearing loss.

Giancola previously served as CEO of Neuromonics Inc, which manufactures products and provides services to treat tinnitus. Before that time, he held the positions of vice president for Latin America and Canadian business at Cochlear Americas and vice president and general manager for Latin America.

Giancola will help Sophono sell and market the FDA-cleared Sophono Alpha line, the only abutment-free, implantable, bone-anchored hearing device on the market, according to the company. Instead of metal abutment fasteners, Alpha uses magnets to affix external sound processors to the scalp, reducing post-surgical complications from more invasive abutment solutions.

SOURCE: Sophono