Irish Sign Language (ISL) is the first language of the deaf community in Ireland, with approximately 40,000 people communicating through the language according to the Irish Deaf Society, including deaf people, and their family and friends. ISL is a visual and spatial language with its own distinct grammar and is a language of the hands, face, and body.

ISL translation was conducted for the most popular “How-To” customer advice videos on the Bank of Ireland website —Amending a Standing Order; Changing your Address; Applying for a Product Online using 365 & Mobile App; Credit Card Travel Notification; How to Find Your User ID; and Sharing BIC & IBAN via mobile app, the Bank of Ireland announced. The videos, which include translation by an ISL interpreter, can be viewed here on the Bank of Ireland website.

Discussing the new videos, Chief Executive of the Irish Deaf Society, Eddie Redmond, said, “We are pleased to see Bank of Ireland producing videos in ISL. It is important that companies consider ISL when they are providing advice and guidance for customers. I would encourage more companies and organizations to ensure that they are producing content which is also relevant to the deaf community.”

Aine McCleary, director, direct channels, Bank of Ireland said, “We are always looking to improve the ways in which customers can bank with us. We are delighted to include an ISL presenter in our new ‘How-To’ videos, to support our deaf and hard-of-hearing customers in their online banking. Following today’s announcement, we are also committed to including ISL translations on future customer advisory videos.”

Source: Bank of Ireland