MyHearPod.com is touting “a hearing aid solution Web site for Baby Boomers” by unveiling its new generation of hearing aids that incorporate, among other unique marketing features, diamond-like studs.

The HearPod model, “Discreetly Nude,” is reportedly designed for “the elegantly reserved Boomer” and serves as the flagship hearing solution in this unique collection. HearPods are reportedly available in three additional colors: Negligee Black to promote optimal communication in the bedroom (June release); Power Gold to align with wealth and opportunity in the workplace (July release); and Sexy Silver to optimize everyday sex appeal (August release).

“Now it’s time to optimize all aspects of hearing correction,” says W.R. “Randy” Wohlers, president of MyHearPod.com. “People choose prescriptive eyeglasses in attractive styles and colors. We believe that Boomers who require hearing correction should have the same options available to them.”

Wohlers says that the new collection of hearing aid solutions is designed to maximize intimacy at home and empower communication in the workplace. “When Boomers with uncorrected hearing loss communicate ineffectively at home and in the workplace, they age prematurely,” he says. “We created the HearPod as a hip icon to encourage our Boomer clientele to stay in the game and keep their edge.”

The company reports that, after consulting with a physician to ensure a hearing aid will benefit them, HearPod clients select the size, model, color, and stone they prefer, and input or fax a current audiogram to MyHearPod.com. Clients can also take advantage of instructional videos, extended warranties, and a 45-day money back guarantee, says the company.

“When our clientele sport their HearPods, their spouses, family members, and coworkers also reap life-changing benefits,” Wohlers says. “Instead of shouting and continually repeating themselves, they can relax and maximize the moment.”

Wohlers, a hearing aid specialist for over 30 years based in Cornelius, NC, previously helped launch a product called Easy Fit in late 2004, a non-custom, limited-gain, soft-shell, fully digital hearing aid designed for people with mild-to-moderate hearing losses.