There are many advantages to using health-focused digital content to market your hearing care practice. 

A.  Affordable – Filming, producing, editing, and animating your own custom videos can be time consuming and costly. Clear Digital Media (CDM) offers dynamic, health-related video content as well as custom video designs that will play on your office screens.

B. Blog – We maintain a captivating blog on the Clear Digital Media website. Here you can learn tips about how to get the most out of your CDM screen and custom content, as well as learn about the importance of digital signage in your clinic.

C. Customizable – All of our clients have access to our Content Architect and a design team who work with our clients to create custom content that can be changed at any time to play on your clinic screens.

D. Digital Signage – Clear Digital Media is a digital signage platform positioned within health care practices, designed to speak directly to your patients. Our networks are the patient oriented content streamed from Clear Digital Media right into your waiting room in real-time via high speed internet on a flat screen television.

E. Entertainment – Instead of wrinkled magazines and generic talk show content, with HNN your waiting room can be filled with engaging, educational content that is specifically designed for your clinic.

F. Family-Friendly – Approximately 70% of patients bring other family members into the clinic with them. All of the content that plays on our networks is appropriate for all ages. We develop content that not only engages your customer; it influences the influencer—the family.

G. Graphics – The graphics that are incorporated in all of our video content are designed to be captivating and draw your patients’ attention to that screen and to the educational information.

H. HNN – Our first and most popular network is Hearing News Network. HNN is an educational hearing health care related entertainment network that is fully customizable. Learn more at the HNN website.

I. Increase Sales – Manufacturer advertisements that play on any of our networks inform patients about products your clinic offers. This will keep patients educated about the products currently on the market and has the potential to spark conversations with you about which products are best for them.

J. Joyful – Our team ensure that all of the contact that plays on all of our networks contain uplifting music, positive messages, and entertaining animations. Patients and their families in waiting rooms can be anxious, concerned, and skeptical. We do our best to ease their nerves before they even enter the exam room.

K. KIC – Our newest network is Klear Impakt Channel. KIC is an educational dental health-related entertainment network that is fully customizable. Learn more on the CDM website.

L. Lifetime Patients – Engaging your patients in your waiting room can be the beginning of a lasting relationship, or it can result in an expensive lead leaving after that first appointment with no intent to return. We create a customized playlist of video content designed to suit the specific demographics of your patients, making an emotional connection and preconditioning them for their appointment. This preconditioning can improve closure rates by 5-7%.

M. Manufacturers – Having customizable television content in your waiting room allows you to only advertise the manufactures and services you offer without having to battle with competitors.

N. News Content – In addition to our health care content, we provide short news segments. We select the most interesting and appropriate news of the day, and we only focus on the uplifting and entertaining news while avoiding violent or depressing topics.

O. Optimizing Patients’ Time – Everyone’s time is important, but your patients’ time in your waiting room is much more valuable than you’ve ever thought. Take advantage of every single minute that you have a captive audience in your waiting room with customizable content that tells your story.

P. Patient Referrals – Our Patient Referral Program allows you to advertise your clinic in the waiting rooms of other local medical practices. There is an implied endorsement when your ad airs in a primary care physician’s office. Our approach to advertising is to speak directly to patients and encourage them to visit your practice even without a doctor’s direct referral.

Q. Questions for Your Provider – Our specially designed content can facilitate conversations between patient and health care provider by prepping the patient before their exam on what to expect while also informing them of the newest technology and clinic services.

R. Returning Patients – Every doctor wants loyal patients that consistently return to their clinic. CDM’s custom content option allows your clinic to advertise all the services you offer, informing patients for future visits.

S. Statistics – CDM is launching a polling service that allows you to survey the patients in your waiting room to understand their response to your custom content and overall patient care.

T. Technology – By installing a flat screen TV and utilizing the best technology available to deliver your customizable network, you are modernizing your clinic’s waiting room.

U. USA and Canada – Our networks are available anywhere in the United States and Canada. Learn more about our clients here.

V. Value – According to studies, point-of-care marketing has proven to have a positive impact on customer lifetime value. Implementing point of care marketing such as HNN or KIC results in increased lifetime value of each and every patient.

W. Waiting Room – All of our full networks are designed to be displayed in clinic waiting rooms, however we now offer royalty-free limited video content to play on your social media pages and outreach efforts.

X. Extensive Library – Our design team has created an extensive library of educational and entertaining videos that ensure your patients will be endlessly entertained during their visit to your clinic.

Y. Year-round Content – Within our extensive library we have a plethora of year-round seasonal videos that will keep your content fresh and appropriate for every season and holiday.

Z. Zero Effort – Once you have subscribed to one of our networks and provided the design team with your clinic assets, zero effort is required for you to keep your content fresh and up to date.

Sponsored content courtesy of ClearSounds.

Michele Ahlman

Michele Ahlman

Michele Ahlman is president and CEO of, a provider of devices for people with hearing loss, and Clear Digital Media, Burr Ridge, Ill, which has created the Hearing Health News Network (HHN). HHN is delivered via wired or wireless Internet to your waiting room and features a playlist of hearing-related items to benefit your patients. For more information please visit the CDM website or email: [email protected].