Tina Soika

Tina Soika

Big Box retailers are the fastest-growing distribution segment in the North American hearing aid market. With substantial advantages in size and buying power, reduced need for marketing, and the convenience of their locations, today’s private practices need to be at the top of their game to succeed against these mass merchandisers. Developing a “value proposition” that speaks to the uniqueness and differentiation of your business is critical.

In this 23-minute webinar, courtesy of CareCredit, long-time industry leader Tina Soika, MS, president of American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA), offers a game-plan for competing with Big Box retailers…and winning. Battling Big Box Retail: Private Practice Hearing Care in the Era of Mass Retailers—brought to Hearing Review readers courtesy of CareCredit—addresses:

  • The power of that unique value proposition and how to develop it;
  • The 6 most successful strategies private practices can utilize to compete against Big Box stores, and
  • How to engage your team in your competitive efforts.

Attend this webinar. This webinar is now available on demand. Register to access the link to the recorded webinar audio and presentation slides: https://goo.gl/Z068Rr

And get the What Works Toolkit. In conjunction with the webinar, CareCredit will be offering a free What Works Toolkit at Booth #524 of the American Academy of Audiology Convention in Washington, DC. This toolkit includes a new hearing aid pricing survey, 10-year state-by-state sales statistics, customer loyalty business tools, focused white papers, and webinar overviews—all in a special report designed to help you and your practice succeed in today’s business environment. To reserve your copy, visit http://goo.gl/l0CVof.

This webinar originally ran on Thursday, March 31 at 2PM EST.