Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS), a California-based provider of solutions and tele-audiology care for people suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears), has announced the expansion of its expert tinnitus care services into Canada. The service had previously only been available in the US and the UK.

According to TTS, an estimated 1 in 10 adults suffers from ringing ears. Often the condition is chronic and can be extremely debilitating. Many are told to “just live with it,” but there are ways in which tinnitus can be effectively managed to give a patient relief from symptoms. In order to address both the neural and perceptual components of this condition, TTS audiologists offer a sound therapy approach to tinnitus management called Habituation and Retraining Therapy (HaRTTM).

Treatment through TTS includes a free consultation, integrated patient education, tinnitus counseling, and support provided via phone and Internet. Care and guidance on the use of sound therapy is provided both directly to the patient via phone and Internet, and in person as needed for the custom programming of tinnitus hearing aids. Certain handheld sound therapy devices can be programmed directly in the patient’s home via an Internet connection. In this way patients in remote areas or those hindered by mobility issues are still able to obtain treatment. This approach, combining tele-audiology and in-person care as needed, can address the “gap in care” between the limited number of providers and millions of suffering patients.

Many patients with tinnitus also have hearing loss. TTS is able to address that as well, as these are separate, but related conditions. “Every patient is unique,” says Nicole King, AuD, a TTS audiologist. “But we know that both tinnitus and hearing loss can often be successfully managed. Untreated chronic tinnitus can lead to increased stress and anxiety as well as difficulty sleeping. Untreated hearing loss has been associated with cognitive decline, and creates its own challenges as the patient struggles to hear properly in different environments.”

Source: Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS)

Image credit: © 9nongphoto | Dreamstime.com