Singular Hearing, a subsidiary of Singular Software and creator of HeardThat, announced an update to its hearing-assistive app that reportedly “delivers more natural sound without background noise in more environments than ever before.” In the new release, HeardThat has integrated two of its features, directional mode and adjustable noise removal, to work together. 

Prior to this update, directional mode would remove the user’s own voice, but the more that noise removal was turned down, the more that the user’s own voice would come through. Now there is no tradeoff between the two, according to the company’s announcement. Users “can now have as much ambient sound as they’d like without hearing their own voices.” This helps create a “more natural hearing experience and aids in situational awareness,” according to the company.

HeardThat “leverages the power of smartphones to run sophisticated AI algorithms that truly separate speech from background noise.” Connecting with devices people already own, like hearing aids, earbuds or headphones, the app doesn’t require additional hardware in order for users to have conversations in loud social settings, the company said.

“No other hearing-assistive technology suppresses users’ voices to the extent HeardThat does,” said Singular Hearing CEO and HeardThat Founder Bruce Sharpe. “This is a milestone in accessibility technology and improves users’ social interactions significantly by creating a more natural hearing experience and eliminating background noise in loud places.” 

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About Singular Hearing

Singular Hearing is a subsidiary of Singular Software. Founder and CEO Bruce Sharpe and his team of AI experts have experience in audio technology and a passion for finding effective solutions to everyday problems. They leverage machine learning and speech processing to create products that “help people live better by hearing better.”

HeardThat was named runner up at the AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge 2022. The app also won the What’s Next Innovation Challenge sponsored by AARP Innovation Labs at the 17th Annual What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit and was named the first runner-up in the What’s Next Business Plan Competition at the 17th What’s Next Longevity Venture Summit.

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