Starkey announced the launch of a new podcast, Starkey Sound Bites. Hosted by Starkey Chief Innovation Officer Dave Fabry, PhD, the podcast will shine a light on hearing loss, new research about how it is connected to overall health and wellness, as well as new innovations that make it easier for people to “hear better, so they can live better.” Episodes will feature interviews with hearing industry experts, hearing loss patients, and other subject matter experts with interesting perspectives on the topic of hearing loss.

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The inaugural episode is now available here or wherever you get your podcasts. It features an interview with Starkey Chief Audiology Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing Sara Burdak, AuD. She and Dr Fabry discuss new data on hearing loss, including the fact that by 2050, 900 million people around the world will have disabling hearing loss. They also share what excites them, as hearing industry veterans, about current technology available to providers and patients.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to take a deep dive into the issue of hearing loss and continue to raise awareness about why it’s important for people to not wait to seek treatment,” said Dr Fabry. “I’m excited to connect with colleagues throughout the industry, to share ideas and gain new perspectives. We hope hearing healthcare professionals will find value in these conversations, to help their practices grow and thrive in this new decade and beyond.” 

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About Starkey 

Starkey is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Owned by Bill Austin since 1967, Starkey is known for its innovative design, development, and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. Led today by President and CEO Brandon Sawalich, Starkey has more than 5,000 employees, operates 28 facilities, and does business in more than 100 markets worldwide.

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