Experience is everything

Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences?1 By enhancing the hearing care journey, you can increase patient satisfaction and keep them coming back. Unitron equips you with a suite of tools and features that we call Experience Innovations. Each one is designed to help you deliver highly personalized care and nurture patient loyalty.

Unitron’s Experience Innovations can support you and your patients by:

    • Saving time, minimizing follow-up appointments, and allowing you to fit more patients
    • Helping you offer more proactive, personalized counseling
    • Empowering patients to customize their hearing solutions
    • Providing greater support to first-time wearers
    • Offering patients valuable insights and perspectives on their needs
    • Fostering guidance and understanding to help patients avoid potential pitfalls

What are Experience Innovations?

Unitron’s Experience Innovations help you optimize and personalize the entire hearing care journey from the very first fit and beyond. Designed to support you and your patients throughout the hearing care journey, our Performance Tracking innovations provide data-driven insights and our Continuous Care features help patients get the most from their hearing care solutions. 

Performance Tracking


Our Performance Tracking innovations feature data driven insights for both you and your patients that reinforce your counseling, and help your patients make informed decisions. Our Performance Tracking features include Log It All, FLEX:TRIAL and Ratings.

Log It All

Helps you and your patients understand their listening lifestyle based on real-world data so you can counsel your patients to make the best-informed decisions about their hearing care.

Your advantage: More confidence when making technology level recommendations thanks to evidence-based data.

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Extends the hearing test with a real-world assessment that allows your patients to experience the benefits of amplification in the places they live, work and play.

Your advantage: offer a unique trial experience without keeping a large inventory on hand.

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Allows your patients to submit their in-the-moment impressions describing their hearing experience – no need to try and recall their experiences weeks later.

Your advantage: Unitron technology captures the context for each rating, including settings and listening environment, and Unitron TrueFit fitting software generates solutions to help resolve issues, so you can counsel with greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Continuous Care

Unitron’s Continuous Care Experience Innovations feature tools that make it easy for you to provide ongoing support, instruction and encouragement to help your patients get the most from their hearing aids every day. Our Continuous Care innovations include FLEX:UPGRADE, Coach and Remote Adjust.



Gives patients the opportunity to upgrade to a higher technology level as lifestyle and hearing needs evolve over time, with no need to swap hearing instruments.

Your advantage: Create new opportunities for incremental revenue.


Supports patients with personalized tips and information delivered to their smartphones, plus important reminders about cleaning and care.

Your advantage: Reinforce your counseling and create a unique patient experience.

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Remote Adjust

Allows you to make adjustments remotely in Unitron’s TrueFit fitting software and send them along with a personalized message to patients’ phones where they can accept and apply the changes to their hearing instruments.

Your advantage: Service patients quickly and efficiently without using up appointment slots.

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Amazing experiences come out of the Blu

Meet our Blu family of hearing aids. Designed to empower your clients throughout their journey with easy in-the-moment personalization and seamless Made For All connectivity.

All of Unitron’s hearing instruments on the Blu platform are designed with a focus on aesthetics, comfort, and ease of use.

Download this introductory packet on the Blu platform to learn about the features, benefits, customizations and additions to the Blu platform that your patients can enjoy:

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