Hearing Aid Accessory Products and Patient Financing & Warranties: An HR Mid-Year 2021 Review

Redux Professional In-Office Hearing Aid Drying System



Redux is a professional in-office drying system to proactively treat and prevent moisture damage to hearing aids and implants. Redux provides complete drying in about 8 minutes with real-time verification of the moisture amount removed. Hearing care providers report removing moisture from 98% of treatments and improving function in 77% of aids. Adding Redux to a practice expands services provided, generates revenue, saves time, and improves the patient experience.

NanoClean “Thread and Pull” Cleaner

(888) 749-0550 


NanoClean® fine instrument cleaners optimize the performance of hearing aids and other fine instruments by clearing away damaging wax, debris, and moisture. Hearing aid owners report that NanoClean is the most effective cleaning tool because of its stiff threader and soft, spongy nylon brush that safely sweeps away debris and absorbs moisture. NanoClean’s unique “thread-and-pull” action gets the job done quickly and its soft construction won’t scratch. To learn more about NanoClean and for a free sample, visit our website. 

Phonak Serenity Choice Plus

(800) 777-7333


Phonak Serenity Choice™ Plus is the high-end hearing protection solution that cancels noise and loud sounds, lets the ear breathe, and keeps relevant sound and speech. Serenity Choice Plus offers a wide range of applications: music, motorsport, work, hunting & shooting, fly, comfort, sleep, and swim. These custom earplugs are individually sculpted for a perfect fit with application-specific filters for the ideal hearing protection. Available in two materials (silicone and acrylic) and two size options (Full Concha and Mini). The end result is a product which is tailor-made to fit the patient’s ear.

Warner Tech-Care Products

(612) 623-4300


The Flow-Med Dry-Cap UV3 enables perfect drying while simultaneously charging rechargeable hearing devices. In addition to hearing aid care, the new Dry-Cap UV3 provides you with an effective hygiene station for many household applications. At the touch of a button, quick hygiene is performed with 2 minutes of UV-C light, which is known to effectively eliminate 99.9% of all viruses, bacteria, and fungi. 

Rayovac Pro Line with Active Core Plus Technology

(800) 323-1993


RAYOVAC® is a world-leading hearing aid battery manufacturer,* with an extensive team dedicated to quality, service, and performance. With over 115 years of bringing the latest innovations to the marketplace, RAYOVAC offers a full range of high-performance batteries to meet the power needs of today’s consumers. Our state-of-the-art technology, Active Core Plus with Air Optimisation is designed to deliver top performance for modern-day devices, controlling air flow to deliver consistent, reliable power.  What’s more, it’s 10% longer lasting in size 312.**  Active Core Plus™ powers RAYOVAC ProLine Advanced size 312 batteries, ensuring that no other hearing aid battery lasts longer.***

*Based on internal company estimates of worldwide market share

** vs previous RAYOVAC® size 312 design, based on ANSI/IEC average. 

***Based on ANSI/IEC performance tests for sizes 10, 13, 312 (excludes size 675).

Microsonic Signature CIC Earmolds for RIC/Slim (thin) Tubes

(800) 523.7672


Microsonic’s Open-fit Cavern styles provide a natural sound experience and will optimize the quality of your hearing aids. The discreet size of Microsonic CIC earmolds make them virtually invisible in the ear. Our custom-fit earmolds reduce feedback, properly retain a receiver in the ear canal, and are comfortable to wear all day. Insertion and removal are easy, and they sound amazing! 

Patient Financing and Warranties

CareCredit Patient Payment Solutions

(800) 300-3046


Want fewer patients walking out of your practice tested-not-treated? CareCredit can make a difference. With financing options, you can help more patients get the best solution for their hearing needs, which can increase adoption and satisfaction. This can help secure patient loyalty and referrals. In addition, CareCredit can help you grow your practice. You can attract new patients from a network of over 10 million cardholders and expand your professional network with other healthcare providers that accept CareCredit in your community. 

ESCO Independent Hearing Aid Loss & Damage Coverage

(800) 992-3726 


ESCO Ear Service Company is the early pioneer and the longstanding leader of independent loss and damage coverage for hearing aids. At ESCO, we believe a commitment to better hearing is worth protecting. As advocates, we partner with hearing care professionals, family, and friends to protect and maximize a hearing aid wearer’s investment in better hearing. Learn more about ESCO products and services at 800-992-3726 or earserv.com. 


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