Hearing Aid Fitting and Diagnostic Equipment: An HR Mid-Year 2021 Review

Audioscan Verifit2 and Axiom Verification Systems Updates

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Audioscan’s new software update for the Verifit2 and Axiom hearing instrument verification systems include significant enhancements to Speechmap verification capabilities and the Audioscan Noah module, among other improvements. The 2021.1 Software Update highlights include: Simulated Venting for Speechmap test box and Audioscan Noah Module Improvements. Recent additions to the Verifit2 Advanced Verification system include: New Comparison Curves in Speechmap, RMSE normative ranges, and new View/Format selector. Audioscan Verifit2 and Axiom owners can download a complimentary copy of the 2021.1 software by logging into customer.audioscan.com. 


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The MedRx AVANT ARC is a complete audiometer, real-ear measurement, and live-speech mapping system—an all-in-one binaural solution to your testing and fitting needs. The AVANT ARC provides complete air, bone, speech, and masking audiometry. It includes hearing loss simulation and master hearing aids to help demonstrate the severity of a hearing loss to a spouse or family member. The AVANT ARC matches to standard targets and comes with all the equipment you need to conduct audiometry and REM testing. With the ARC, you can consolidate your equipment and still support all the testing features you need. 

Interacoustics Affinity Compact

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Affinity Compact is a fully modular hearing aid fitting system, allowing you to choose the hardware and software features you need now – and upgrade later to additional audiometry, real-ear measurement, visible speech mapping, and hearing instrument testing options to align with your practice’s success. The perfect solution for teleaudiology appointments with our RAS TT Remote Audiology System

Inventis Trumpet REM System

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Trumpet is an advanced and easy-to-use REM system, capable of performing quick and accurate bilateral in-situ measures due to its design and lightweight wireless probes. Thanks to Inventis’ innovation and technology, Trumpet’s wireless probes are the lightest in the market and have been specifically designed to improve patient’s comfort and give complete freedom when performing in-situ measurements. A stable Bluetooth connection guarantees up to 4 hours of uninterrupted use.

MedRx Video Otoscope

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The MedRx video otoscope offers hearing care professionals an innovative solution to traditional otoscopic examinations. Providers can capture and store clear digital images and video recordings while counseling patients during a unique and educational exam experience. The MedRx video otoscope’s intuitive design allows you to plug it into any USB port on your computer and use the pen-shaped body for practical handling during procedures, such as cerumen management and probe-tube placement. With the MedRx video otoscope you can conduct in-depth exams and create an unprecedented patient experience that will undoubtedly increase your referrals and patient satisfaction. 

Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System

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Lantos Technologies relaunched in 2021 with an industry experienced leadership team. The Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System is the first and only ear scanning technology developed at MIT and is FDA 510(k) cleared. The patent-protected, membrane-based technology provides a safe and hygienic patient experience, while capturing the most precise digital image of the geometry of the ear. The proprietary system collects and stitches together over 1 million data points, enabling the creation of a variety of custom earpieces.

Inventis Satellite Remote Testing System

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Satellite is the revolutionary technology by Inventis® that allows you to interact and remotely perform complete hearing assessments on patients in real time. With Satellite, the remote hearing test is performed directly by the examiner, who takes control of the equipment located where the patient is. Thanks to the use of an ANSI-certified audiometer and an embedded audio-video platform, Satellite can perform a full audiometric test (AC, BC, and speech) as if examiner and patient were sitting together in the clinic. 

Pehratek Audio Library Hub

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Audio Library Hub allows the clinician to digitally record and combine all the audio testing materials into one place for quick, easy access to a specific test, title, or track for instant presentation, pausing, or skipping to other stored files during the testing session. No more flipping CDs or searching tracks for the word list, noise test, or specific language. A built-in bar graph displays track activity when playing to set levels. The wireless remote control makes for easy operation to select, skip, or pause. Plugs directly into most audiometers (portables) and has a small footprint, freeing up space on the desktop. 

Diagnostic Hearing and Pediatric Testing Equipment

MAICO Diagnostics develops intuitive and easy-to-use hearing devices and distributes them internationally to hearing health professionals around the world. With more than 80 years of experience in hearing test technology, we have the mission of supporting hearing healthcare professionals with the best and most reliable solutions. That is why we combine our specialized technology with a highly intuitive design and keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible. With honesty, teamwork, and passion, we strive every day towards realizing our shared vision: An early detection of hearing loss today for a healthy and enjoyable life tomorrow.

MAICO MA 42 Diagnostic Audiometer with Pure-tone, Speech, and Free-field Testing

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The variety of diagnostic features make this an advanced device with simple testing management for an easy workflow. A small footprint with smart icon technology speeds the device operation. Included are dual AC connection options and speech playback modes of internal WAV files, external audio devices, or live speech. Customizable user settings will optimize your workflow; the quick screen transitions and on-board communication controls allow you to easily guide your patient through the measurements. Results can be printed (PDF) and saved with MAICO Sessions software. 

MAICO touchTymp MI 34

TouchTymp MI 34 has advanced icon-based technology, a large color display, and a light bar on the shoulder box to provide a visual of the real-time progression of the test. MI 34 offers comprehensive standard protocols for immediate operation of screening and diagnostic testing: Tympanometry with 226 Hz, tympanometry with automatic acoustic reflexes or at a fixed level, reflex decay measurements and Eustachian Tube Function testing (ETF), plus an optional high-frequency probe tone of 1 kHz. Print test results and reports instantly by using the built-in printer. Easy data management with optional MAICO Sessions software.

MedRx AVANT A2D Diagnostic Audiometer

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The MedRx AVANT A2D+ diagnostic audiometer is a comprehensive device that completes all standard audiology tests, including dual-channel audiometry, word recognition, the Stenger test, and HLS/MHA, with the added convenience of portability. The PC-powered device is simple to set up, with a USB connection that makes it perfect for mobile testing. You can also run automated audiometry testing for increased efficiency. Run it standalone or integrated with your office management system to store and manage patient information. The AVANT A2D+ creates a testing experience ideal for portability and efficiency in the office or on the go. 

Interacoustics Titan: Impedance, OAE, ABRIS, and Wideband Tympanometry 

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Analysis of the middle ear, with a simple probe “click” that covers the 226 to 8000 Hz range instead of a probe tone that only measures at 226 Hz, with hundreds of tympanograms that are visualized in an illustrative 3D landscape. With a single pressure sweep, Wideband Tympanometry (WBT) allows comprehensive analysis of middle-ear status over a frequency range that includes the full speech spectrum. Combined with OAE and ABR, WBT provides missing data about middle ear conductive issues that will enhance a diagnosis based either on OAE or Automated ABR alone.

GSI AudioStar Pro

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The GSI AudioStar Pro is a 2-channel clinical audiometer. It is designed to perform efficient audiometric evaluations on every patient population. Recent updates include channel specific store buttons, the ability to load and review past sessions before transfer, updated monitor speaker, and new symbols such as unspecified bone and cochlear implant. The AudioStar Pro provides flexibility and confidence for any testing scenario. 

Cognivue Thrive Cognitive Screening Test

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The level of evidence connecting brain health and hearing health continues to expand, as does the use of hearing intervention as a mitigation strategy for cognitive decline. The need and demand for an appropriate, modern cognitive testing tool for use in audiology practice is clear.  Introducing Cognivue® Thrive – the first fully computerized cognitive screening test, self-administered by the patient in just 5 minutes. Based on traditional screening methods but removing the associated bias and practical barriers usually associated with paper and pencil tests, Cognivue enhances patient care and revenue opportunities by providing a more comprehensive assessment of where the patient is today, and what sort of hearing solutions or adjustments may benefit their overall wellness.

MedRx iVRA

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MedRx’s new iVRA system reintroduces Visual Reinforcement Audiometry. The iVRA combines four testing modes including automatic, manual, conditioning, traditional, and video-only. For maximum testing flexibility, the iPod audiometer and video-reward remote is designed to function with a single clinician, eliminating the need for an assistant. It is compatible with all MedRx audiometers and uses the iOS app to conduct 4 testing options. Recognized as a 2020 Hearing Technology Innovator, the MedRx iVRA seeks to make VRA technology more accessible and easier to implement into your practice. 


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