Business & Marketing Software/Services: An HR Mid-Year 2021 Review

At Sycle, our mission is to facilitate the delivery of better hearing to the world. It started as an idea to help audiologists better connect with their patients; today, Sycle has evolved into the audiology industry’s number-one practice management software. Over 8,000 clinics and 20,000 hearing care professionals depend on Sycle to run their businesses. We develop software and integrations that eliminate tedious tasks and streamline workflows. This allows our customers more time with their patients and ultimately helps them treat more people suffering from hearing loss.

Sycle Telehealth

(888) 881-7925

Sycle’s Telehealth feature helps you treat your patients remotely, while enabling your staff to optimize their office time. With Sycle Telehealth, you can have online appointments, check on your patients remotely, follow up on appointments that don’t require NOAH, do patient pre-screenings, help patients care for their hearing devices, offer speech therapy, and so much more. Sycle Telehealth expands access to care and lets you reach more patients. This critical capability provides convenience for your patients, cuts patient costs, and improves clinical workflows that increase practice efficiency.

Sycle Credit Card Processing

Sycle’s Credit Card Processing system from PayJunction, with smart terminal technology, is an integral part of clinic management. The smart terminal allows you to accept all forms of payment, including EMV chip cards. Fully integrated into Sycle, there’s no need to rely on outside terminals. Sycle Credit Card Processing lets you instantly process check and credit card payments into Sycle; take Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, and NFCs; get protection from new bank-initiated chargebacks; take payments over the phone; capture signatures electronically; and print or email receipts. Get a whole new level of capabilities, with security to help protect your business from fraud and other liabilities.

Hearing HealthCare News Patient Newsletter

(800) 342-1643

Audiologist Dennis Hampton has produced customized patient and physician newsletters since 1986. Subscribers also receive the Practice Development Program, a collection of tools and strategies that stimulate practice growth by increasing hearing aid sales, patient satisfaction, and referrals from patients and physicians.   

Pivot Hearing

(707) 981-8108

Pivot Hearing is the leading private practice consulting firm, and we are hearing care providers – just like you. We stand with private practices because they provide the best care, and it is our vision to fortify these practices to thrive in their markets. We do this by helping you differentiate from your competitors and focusing on the fundamentals of practice success: new patient acquisition, existing patient engagement, and practice management. 

Blueprint Office Management System

(877) 686-8410; +1-416-479-0839 

Clinic management made easy. At Blueprint Solutions, we continue to introduce new, innovative features that help your clinic stay productive and connected with your patients. New: Marketing automation and online patient forms included with your subscription. Blueprint OMS offers a fast and easy-to-use interface, built-in online appointment booking, custom medical report writer, real-time Noah and QuickBooks integrations, document management, automated appointment reminders, integrated mass email marketing, inter-office chat, custom forms, manufacturer forms, task management, and more. Call Blueprint Solutions today to schedule your online demo. 

Audiology Plus .Shop E-Commerce Engine

(732) 851-3137

Don’t fear OTC hearing aids. Embrace them. The .Shop E-Commerce Engine is a ready-made, e-commerce solution that empowers healthcare practices to open revenue streams by making OTCs an accessible part of their business. With .Shop, you can easily sell OTCs, warranties, and hearing supplies through your very own online store in just a few days. No complicated development or technical headaches. Just list your products, get paid, and grow. 

Von Hansen Training for Patient Care Coordinators

(541) 259-1550

Von Hansen works in the hearing healthcare field, helping hearing care professionals be productive in a clear and concise way. We offer an online phone script for a hearing aid office with a 95% conversion rate to appointments and a 72% rate of companions coming with the patient. Find out how we can help grow your hearing care business.

Blueprint Solutions Forms and Patient Records 

(877) 686-8410; +1-416-479-0839 

Say goodbye to paper forms! Online clinic forms sync securely with Blueprint OMS where a few clicks will create or update a patient record. Let patients fill out and sign clinic forms and surveys from the comfort of their home or on a tablet in your waiting room. Intake forms, medical history questionnaires, Ida Institute patient surveys, or any other custom forms sync back to Blueprint OMS, creating a better workflow and improving your overall patient experience.


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