Signia announced it will preview Signia Aspire 3.0, an update to its loyalty benefits program, “designed to help hearing care professionals (HCPs) meet their business goals regardless of practice size.”

Signia will present Aspire 3.0 to the HCP community at a special online event being held October 26 at 12 PM EDT. All HCPs who attend, whether they are considering joining Aspire or are already a member, can earn 1,000 Aspire points, and learn how to customize their Aspire experience to best support their practice. For more information and to register, HCPs can visit here

Signia will officially launch Aspire 3.0 in early 2022.

HCPs become eligible for Aspire 3.0 by fitting patients with Signia hearing aids, unlocking access to a growing list of baseline benefits, such as consumer marketing funds, Signia-generated patient leads, a dedicated customer service number, free shipping, and more, according to the company.

Members of Aspire 3.0 earn points for every qualified order, which they can use in the Aspire store for items like audiological supplies, office equipment, Signia products, and other needs.

“But the new Aspire 3.0 is not merely a points program, nor is it a pricing program,” said Jennifer Wright, senior director of partner marketing. “It is a partnership program to help HCPs build their practices. We’re delivering these benefits so HCPs can strengthen their clinics, save time, and maximize patient visits.”

Through the newly designed Aspire 3.0 portal, HCPs will have access to tools that “help them stay atop trends and technologies, a dashboard for tracking leads, easy access to their benefits, and opportunities to unlock an even richer Aspire 3.0 experience.”

“We created Aspire 3.0 to be the exact opposite of one-size-fits-all,” Wright continued. “This new program was developed to deliver benefits that can help any practice, small or large. And as a practice grows, so can its access to Aspire programs and features, allowing HCPs to continually differentiate themselves, stand apart from their competition, and grow professionally within the communities they serve.”

Beyond the baseline benefits, Aspire members can qualify for and choose from various available Bonus Benefits, such as extra co-op dollars, points, or rebates, depending on their type of membership. Plus, Aspire members can take advantage of services to support their business, such as supplemental insurance for themselves and their employees, financing discounts, financial investment options, access to online business services, and more.

“As practices grow, they can have a deeper, more beneficial relationship with the Aspire program and our partners,” Wright concluded. “Through available bonus benefits, HCPs can really go higher with Aspire.”

For more information on Signia Aspire 3.0 or to become a member, click here or contact your local Signia team.

Source: Signia

Image: Signia