Healthy Hearing and Clear Digital Media (CDM) announce the launch of HH TV, “a custom-designed streaming TV channel designed to play in the waiting rooms of hearing care providers.”

Featuring Healthy Hearing-exclusive videos, HH TV showcases the importance of hearing care and hearing aids, helping acclimate the patient on their hearing care journey, according to the companies. All HH TV videos are reportedly “based on clinically accurate, award-winning articles” written by Healthy Hearing’s editorial team and published regularly on

“Streaming custom, patient-oriented video content in the waiting room of your hearing care practice is a powerful tool that can increase revenues, reduce returns, increase event participation, improve patient outcomes, and deepen your relationship with your patients,” said Michele Ahlman, CEO of CDM.

“Millions of consumers read Healthy Hearing’s online content every year. We’re excited to extend our reach to patients in waiting rooms–and give them that extra push to take good care of their hearing health,” said Mandy Mroz, President of Healthy Hearing. “This is yet another way we can serve consumers, as well as clinics with profiles on our site.”

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About Healthy Hearing

Launched in 2001, Healthy Hearing is described as “the nation’s largest directory of hearing care providers, with 4,500+ clinic profiles and more than 35,000 vetted consumer reviews.”

About CDM

Clear Digital Media specializes in the development and delivery of video content that “educates, engages, influences, entertains, and motivates patients and customers to “move forward in their journey for better health and better living.” CDMTV utilizes its “unique platforms to effectively deliver video content to waiting rooms, lobbies, and retail locations in hearing, vision, dental, health and wellness clinics, and salons. CDM also offers specialized email outreach programs to physicians and geofencing services.

Source: Healthy Hearing, CDM

Images: Healthy Hearing, CDM