Healthcare Technologies and Methods (HTM) announced that it has extended its special introductory promotion for Maudey through July 14.

Healthcare Technologies and Methods (HTM) announced a special introductory promotion for practices that adopt Maudey, their virtual hearing aid assistant, will be extended through July 14.

Maudey was designed to enable hearing care providers to more efficiently empower aging hearing aid patients and their family members — and to be easy to use on a laptop, tablet or TV, especially for people who are not tech-savvy.

“HTM designed Maudey to help hearing aid patients achieve the best possible outcomes and satisfaction while significantly reducing the support burden for their providers,” said Alan Letzt, president and chief executive officer of HTM. “And its efficacy and ease of use were demonstrated with patients aged 50-92 in our NIH-supported clinical trial.”

“It is clear that older adults seek convenience,” sid Stephanie Letzt, vice president of HTM. “Maudey helps deliver that convenience by being available at home 24/7, reducing the number of unscheduled office visits and facilitating participation by family members whenever they are available.”

Maudey is available to hearing aid providers, manufacturers and other healthcare organizations that offer Maudey access to the new hearing aid users that they serve.

All organizations that want to learn about Maudey’s benefits and capitalize on the limited-time promotion are encouraged to visit HTM’s website and use the website form to schedule a video appointment and demo.