The proceeds from uHear’s 99-cent downloads during May’s Better Hearing and Speech month will be donated by Unitron—in the form of hearing instruments—to the Carabez Alliance, helping to improve hearing awareness and support children with speech and hearing loss, the company says.

Following last month’s launch of uHear, a self-administered hearing screening test for the iPhone and iPod touch, Unitron, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, reports the application is now available in English worldwide, free of charge.

The Carabez Alliance is an Australian-based charity that works with audiologists who donate their time to test children with mild and moderate hearing losses in Fiji and the surrounding Pacific Islands, says Unitron. For the past 3 years, Unitron has supported the organization, which provides hearing aids and audiology assistance in conjunction with speech and language development at no cost to the recipients. 

uHear helps users identify potential hearing loss through three assessments: hearing sensitivity, speech in noise, and a questionnaire about common listening situations.

Hearing loss has an impact on quality of life, yet the process of getting tested can cause significant anxiety and as a result, is often ignored, says the company. uHear is designed to help users overcome the anxiety and to serve as a first step toward identifying and addressing hearing loss, the company says.

People who already have iTunes can click here to download uHear. Those who do not have an iPhone or iPod touch can view a demonstration of the uHear application by clicking here.

Unitron, a member of the Sonova Group, operates 16 international offices and has distributors in an additional 53 countries.

[Source: Unitron]