The World Health Organization announced several initiatives in advance of World Hearing Day on March 3.

The hearWHO app is now available for free download on Apple store and Google Play store. The app is said to offer an “easy-to-use tool” to check hearing, based on a validated digits-in-noise technology. WHO invites everyone to download, use, popularize, and share the app in order to: 1) encourage people to check their hearing, as a first step to seeking hearing care; and 2) raise awareness regarding hearing loss. 

World Hearing Day materials are available online in all UN languages. Please use and share as appropriate.

Join the Wiki4WorldHearing Day2019 campaign to create and translate hearing-related content on Wikipedia, as a means to raising awareness on hearing loss and hearing care.

WHO has released its 2018 Activity Report on the Ear and Hearing Care Program, which can be viewed by clicking on the link here: WHO 2018 Activity Report

Source: WHO

Image: WHO