New update for EarScript App is now available on the Apple App Store

Amplifi Hearing, a company that created and runs the EarScript app to provide patients with information about varying brands of hearing aids, announced the release of EarScript version 2.3.

EarScript reportedly enables a patient to listen to a variety of hearing aids in different listening conditions that are programmed to their own hearing loss, and offers a new and better way to compare and select the best hearing device for their needs, according to the company. The app is said to increase patient engagement during the selection process, saves time for patients and hearing care professionals alike, and results in fewer returns.

The newest version of the app, EarScript 2.3, is now available on the Apple App Store and includes new features such as a sync option to synchronize track playing to compare two hearing aids and hearing the differences between them, equalized audio tracks for each hearing aid that compensates for overall loudness differences between first fit calculations of manufacturers, and enhancements to improve the entry of data about a patient.

In addition to the new features and enhancements, Amplifi explains that they have tested and evaluated EarScript for use in tele-audiology mode, which enables patients to experience the hearing aid recordings while in a different location from their hearing care provider.

According to Amplifi, organizations who use tele-audiology for their hearing care delivery process can use EarScript with their patients in a home or other remote setting.

EarScript is offered as a downloadable software on either annual or semi-annual subscription basis.

For more information contact Amplifi Hearing at +1 610.590.1590 or visit the product webpage.

Source: Amplifi

Images: Amplifi