Art project aims to help the world to “see sound” and its impact on wellness through digital artwork

GN Hearing, a technology company that produces products for hearing and sight, and Soundly, a consumer education resource for hearing wellness, have partnered on the “World of Sound” digital art project to increase awareness on hearing health and protection. The campaign, launched on World Hearing Day, features 3 international artists who have created sound-inspired digital art pieces based on the question, “What if we could see sound?”

GN and Soundly report that they share a vision to make hearing care accessible to as many people as possible and aim to create a more informed public around the importance of hearing health through visual representations of sound and the impact it has. Featuring unique art by Design Cells, Andy Thomas, and Weirdo Works, the project shares each of their perspectives.

GN Hearing Chief Marketing Officer, Mirjam van Oort-Lohuis explains, “Art, like sound, can connect us. Our ambition through the ‘World of Sound’ art project is to spark conversation and awareness of sound and hearing care to help bring people closer.”

Soundly’s co-founder Blake Cadwell says, “Hearing aids are a part of my everyday sound experience and it’s meaningful for me to work with GN to increase awareness around hearing health through this inspiring, global art project.”

To view the digital artwork, visit GN’s website.

Source: GN Hearing (US)

Images: Photo 153209343 © Vadym Pasichnyk |