Introducing ReSound ENZO Q 

ReSound announced the launch of ENZO Q, a hearing aid that reportedly “sets a new standard in ‘Super Power’ hearing aids by solving one of the main challenges for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss: in-front speech recognition in noisy environments.” Demonstrating a 60% improvement, this new hearing solution empowers people to go about their daily lives with renewed hearing confidence, according to ReSound. 1 

ReSound ENZO Q is available in a range of colors to allow for personalization and discretion.
Wireless Connectivity

Who is ReSound ENZO Q for? 

ReSound ENZO Q has been developed for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss who are fully dependent on their hearing aids. Offering a “reliable and effortless hearing experience,” ReSound ENZO Q can be controlled via a smartphone, and can stream phone calls, music, video soundtracks, or any other audio directly from iOS and Android compatible devices.

Consumer highlights: 

  • Hearing experience: What ReSound says is “crystal clear, high-quality sound and speech intelligibility;” 50% better audibility during streamed phone calls, compared to regular calls; 2 
  • Fully customizable: Sound control can be adjusted using the ReSound Smart 3D™ app to optimize sound quality in any environment; 
  • Comfort: Impulse Noise Reduction is said to “lessen the impact of loud, jarring sounds, delivering a reassuringly consistent sound experience;”
  • Connectivity options: The choice of connecting to multiple audio sources via: direct streaming, using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) from iOS and Android without needing intermediate devices, a full suite of wireless accessories, telecoil, and direct audio input (DAI); 
  • Convenience: The new ReSound Assist Live* reportedly provides real-time, face-to-face online support between the person with hearing loss and their hearing care professional;
  • Reliability: All the dependability of ReSound, now with a longer lasting battery,
  • Personalized: Available in two variants and a range of colors to match skin and hair tones—as well as classic monochrome black or white

 A selection of the new ReSound ENZO Q BTE models.

Technical specifications: 

  • High Power Behind-the-Ear (BTE) model with metal hook and Super Power BTE, both with telecoil and DAI functionality 
    • New chip platform, giving the “ultimate in high-performance and low-power consumption,”
    • 100% speed increase, 
    • 30% more computing power, 
    • 20% less power consumption, 
    • 100% memory increase.** 
  • Input dynamic range up to 113 decibel (dB) sound pressure level (SPL), 
  • Direct streaming of audio from iOS and Android devices, 
  • Environmental Optimizer II automatically adjusts noise-reduction settings,
  • Compatible with Cochlear implants, to create a bimodal solution that improves speech recognition, sound localization, and can support direct streaming to both ears. 

1. Benefit of directional microphone compared to omnidirectional microphone (data on file) 

2. Jespersen & Kirkwood, 2015. 

*Available in the US and Canada and coming to the rest of the world from May 2020.

**Compared to ReSound ENZO 3DTM.  

Source: ReSound

Images: ReSound