Siemens Hearing Instruments has launched three new lines of hearing instruments to the UK audiology market. Orion™ and Sirion are the latest additions to the new Essentials portfolio, with Nitro™ joining the best-in-class micon platform featuring up to 48 channels and bandwidth up to 12 kHz. All instruments will be available in custom In-The-Ear (ITE) and Behind-The-Ear (BTE) designs.

Nitro HR Orion Sirion_BTE_HR

Nitro is suitable for severe to profound hearing loss and does not compromise on sound quality while providing an output of up to a 140 db sound pressure level. Orion and Sirion are suitable for people with all levels of hearing loss and are available in different levels of discretion. The sophisticated technology can quickly adapt to different listening situations depending on the user’s needs and comes in a robust and sturdy housing, well-suited to wearers with an active lifestyle.

“Siemens Hearing Instruments strives to constantly bring new hearing technology to the market, which will benefit audiologists and patients alike,” states Mark Laben, product and marketing manager at Siemens Hearing Instruments. “The three new products all use advanced technology to provide enhanced speech intelligibility and a clear and balanced sound.”

Source: Siemens Hearing Instruments