According to Audioscan, Dorchester, Ontario, beginning today Axiom hearing instrument fitting system owners can download a free software update that adds remote operation, wireless networking, and multicurve testing.

Remote operation for the Axiom utilizes a network/internet connection to allow the user to view and operate the Axiom from their PC. The user can be a few feet away or thousands of miles. HR axiom_brochure

Benefits of remote operation reportedly include:

• Minimize space requirements by sharing the screen, keyboard and mouse of the programming PC;

• Remote operation behaves like an “on-top mode” integrating the Axiom fully into the PC environment;

• Easy to deploy and use as a secure tele-health application, and

• Easy to view or record the screen remotely for training or observation

“Anyone who has seen or tried the remote operation feature has been blown away by how seamlessly it works,” says David Cole of Audioscan. “There really is no compromise. The user gets a much cleaner desk space without sacrificing any functionality.

“We are also excited about the tele-health potential that remote operation unlocks,” continues Cole. “There is no distance limit to it; we’ve had people in England running units in Canada with no lag, and since the communication technology is secure there are no HIPAA concerns. To increase networking flexibility we’ve also added wireless networking utilizing an inexpensive Audioscan accessory dongle. As well, we’ve incorporated multicurve in response to customer feedback.”

Both free, the software for Axiom and the remote operation module for your PC are available immediately at Look for the upgrade link in the bottom left corner of the Audioscan home page.

Source: Audioscan