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Playing Different Notes: The Benefits of Motivational Interviewing in Hearing Healthcare

Patients will often remember and appreciate your “bedside manner”– or the way you relate to them in a personal and caring way–over your knowledge, skill, education, and professionalism. Using an improvisational approach to the patient interview may, at times, be cumbersome. However, it is also likely to make your approach to their hearing-related problems more interesting, genuine, and meaningful—for both the patient and you.

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HHTM Releases New Book, ‘Interpersonal Audiology,’ by Brian Taylor, AuD

In the ”New Age” of patient autonomy—as persons with hearing loss increasingly have the ability to self-direct their care by testing and purchasing hearing devices over-the-counter—counseling and customization are components that still require a human element, and at the heart of this human element is Interpersonal Audiology.

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The Ida Institute to Introduce New Quality Benchmark at AAA 2018

By joining the program, hearing care professionals can learn how to apply person-centered care in their practice through two dedicated online courses. Once they have completed the courses, they receive the “Inspired by Ida” label—a “benchmark of quality,” according to the Ida Institute, which can be easily shared across social media and various digital platforms.

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