The Ida Institute announced it is launching “Inspired by Ida,” a new program that allows hearing care professionals to enhance their counseling skills and differentiate their practice through person-centered care. The program will be introduced at the 2018 American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Conference in Nashville.

By joining the program, hearing care professionals can learn how to apply person-centered care in their practice through two dedicated online courses. Once they have completed the courses, they receive the “Inspired by Ida” label—a “benchmark of quality,” according to the Ida Institute, which can be easily shared across social media and various digital platforms.

Clinics can also become members and receive the “Inspired by Ida” label if at least 80% of their staff has completed the required courses. Clinics that join the program get access to a marketing kit with ideas for promoting their “Inspired by Ida” status.

“This program is an opportunity for hearing care professionals and clinics to upgrade their counseling skills while signaling their dedication to high-quality personalized care,” said Lise Lotte Bundesen, managing director of the Ida Institute.

The Advantages of the Label

The philosophy behind “Inspired by Ida” is that people are more satisfied with their care when they receive person-centered care.

It’s been said that evidence demonstrating the benefits of person-centered care is growing. Person-centered care allows people to better articulate their needs and enables them to play a more active role in their own care. This is said to lead to better outcomes and helps people manage their hearing loss more effectively—which can ultimately lead to a higher degree of patient satisfaction.

“Inspired by Ida” also offers hearing care professionals an opportunity to demonstrate their added value in a market that is currently undergoing radical change.

“With rapid technological advances and new delivery models on the rise, there are many discussions about the future role of hearing care professionals,” said Bundesen. “’Inspired by Ida’ offers a way for professionals to strengthen their unique value proposition and showcase their skills.”

To allow people to easily find clinics that have obtained “Inspired by Ida” status, the Ida Institute is setting up a dedicated clinic locator, which is planned for launch in 2019.

“Think of ‘Inspired by Ida’ as a hybrid between a Fair Trade label and Michelin Star for audiologists,” said Bundesen. “With this program, we are introducing a neutral, non-commercial benchmark of quality which will allow people to identify clinics that offer person-centered care.”

Participation in the “Inspired by Ida” program is free of charge for individuals and for organizations that register before January 1, 2019.


Source: The Ida Institute